Ultra Heavy Duty Coin Counter and Off Sorter Cassida C800
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Cassida C800


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Product Description

Ultra Heavy Duty Coin Counter/Off-Sorter/Wrapper

It is almost impossible in a single chance by human beings to provide the exact calculation, when hundreds and thousands of coins are involved.  The entire process of such calculation subject the human brain into maximum strain and stress, and due to which errors and mistakes in calculation is an obvious matter. Moreover, the mistakes of this sort will never allow you to have the true financial situation of your business, and the worst is the loss of your hard earned revenues. The only solution to the complexities associated with the calculations of coins and loose changes is coin counter.  It is not only 100% accurate, but it saves time and everyone is aware of the fact that time is money.  In order to find out a perfect coin counter in the market, you are going to be definitely confused with huge number of options. To find the best one, it is important to do a research.  Here in this post, the subject matter is Cassida C800, the most reliable and preferred coin counter of the present times.

All important plus points of Cassida C800 

  • It is multi-functional in nature, acts as a coin counter, sorter and wrapper
  • Ensure 100% accuracy with minimum time consumed in the counting process
  • Better in built memory to store the count results
  • Accepts  wide range of the coin dimension,  from 0.55” to 1.34”
  • Nine separate memories are present
  • Disposes wrong denomination coins to reject tray
  • Not prone to mechanical damage due to robust metal body
  • Allows to dispense the coins in the bag, wrapper or any other container

A brief guide on Cassida C800 coin counter, off-sorter and wrapper

This machine gives high counting speed of two thousand and two hundred coins per minute, with an extraordinary hopper capacity of seven thousand coins. A built in memory stores count of every denomination of coins, and it proves to most simple and easy in handing due to its user friendly operating system. Moreover, this machine finds its usage in US as well as Mexico, due to its feature of adjustable size, and hence it could accept the coins of either country. It is never heard that the machine gets jammed during its operational stage, and it also accept tokens. The operating process is as simple as a child’s play, you just need to select the denomination of the coin and start the machine. The coins of selected denomination will get stored as per the storing option, and you will be providing and remaining coins of other denominations will get sorted and dispensed in another tray.

Additional Information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 10.63 × 10.5 in
Counting speed

Up to 2,200 coins/min

Off-sorting function

Standard (counts one denomination and sorts out all others)

Wrapping function

Standard (needs optional coin wrapping attachment and tubes)

Operating modes

Counting, adding and batching modes

Coin diameter range

0.55" – 1.34" (14 – 35mm)

Coin thickness range

0.004" – 0.15" (1.0 – 3.7mm)

Batching range

Preset or 0 – 9999


9 separate memories available

Power source

110VAC, 60Hz or 220VAC, 50Hz